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Skillcrush Bootcamp

Find out what skills you must learn, and why everything else is a waste of your time. Learn to talk like a techie: get to know all of the key tech terms and industry jargon. And then start getting the skills you need to make yourself crazy employable.

You'll Learn:

HTMLTech Terms

Part 1: Understanding what the WEB is all about

Day 1

The Internet vs. The Web

Day 2

Websites vs. Web Applications

Part 3: Now, how to make it pretty & interactive!

Day 5

CSS & JavaScript

  1. CSS

Part 4: Now for the parts that you DON’T see

Day 6

Frontend vs. backend

Day 7

Programming Languages

  1. PHP

Day 8


Day 9

Databases & Web Servers

Part 5: Finally, how to bring it ALL together

Day 10

Anatomy of a web app: Everlane

Part 6: Next Steps

After Bootcamp

The best career decision I ever made